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Jaggery is a sweetener made up from sugarcane, and it is also called an unrefined sugar, prepared without refining of crystals and molasses. It is mostly produced in Asia, Latin America and Africa. It’s colour changes as the type, golden brown to dark brown. Jaggery has been the best for everyone out in India and Pakistan, mostly preferred after eating the meal. It is a way for people to keep them healthy and rid of all diseases. It is the best energy booster, it gives a lot of energy and prevents different health issues.
Jaggery contains some mineral salts which are beneficial for our whole body. Jaggery is also a cleansing agent; it purifies the blood, clean lungs, stomach, oesophagus and different parts of the body.
Countries which have pollution issues such as Pakistan and India should have it daily, as it is highly recommended to them to eat it on a daily basis. It keeps away from different diseases such as cold and cough, asthma, etc.
It increases vision and memory power, too.
Comparison of Sugar
The main difference between jaggery and sugar is colour, Jaggery colour ranges from gold-brown to gold-yellow, dark brown and sometimes dark chocolate while Sugar is bright and shiny white colour. Sugar and jaggery have a different texture as sugar is a type of white crystal, hard and solid whereas jaggery is softer than sugar and easy to melt and eat. Jaggery has so many benefits than sugar.

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Types and Advantages of Jaggery
There are different types of Jaggery such as:
Sugarcane Jaggery: It is dark and light brown. Sugar cane juice is boiled in different iron vessels. It is a solid that melts easily just on a little exposure to heat. It is delightful in taste, sometimes salty too.
Toddy Palm Jaggery: It is golden brown in colour, it’s sap is boiled, and then toddy palm jaggery is produced, it is a soft solid.
It is also very much sweet with the fragrance of Toddy palm sap.
Palmyra Jaggery: It is off-white to pale yellowish white. It is also an amorphous solid, prepared by boiling the sap of Palmyra palm. It is available in Bangladesh and India. It is extremely sweet, with an aroma of Palmyra sap, as white chocolate.
There are different advantages of Jaggery; it is beneficial for different people around. It has a lot of benefits.
Some of the tempting dishes from Jaggery:
Gur Til Ladoo:
Til ladoo is prepared in different festivals in India. It is a tasty, delicate and a winder sweet, made with different dry fruits in it, sesame seeds, jaggery and flavoured with an essence oil.
Gur ki Roti:
It is most preferred eating in cold and breezy weather, mostly in winters. It is whole wheat flour, dipped with milk and gur mixture to make sweet “rotis”, made in ghee or butter; it is something delicious. Nobody can resist from eating this delicious sweet.

Gur Ka Halwa:

It is mostly made in India and Pakistan, jaggery, semolina and adding a lot of healthy nuts in halwa. A lot of people eats it. It is best to prevent yours from cold and cough.


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