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Split chickpeas (Daal Channa) looks and tastes like small kernels of corn, and is one of the essential ingredients around the world in many tempting dishes. It is delicious, nutritious and easily digested.

It is mostly preferred by vegetarians around for fulfilling the content of proteins in their body.

It is good for red blood cells especially for pregnant women; it is rich in folic acid which helps to maintain new cells in your body. When a woman is planning to conceive, she should particularly add Daal Channa from Khalis.pk in her diet.



It also helps in the free flow of blood. It is full of minerals like magnesium, manganese, phosphorous and thiamine, etc.  Manganese increases energy levels and boosts your overall immunity. It is good for the skin because of the presence of Zinc; it is an excellent antioxidant which keeps your skin healthy and glowing. Daal Channa are a great source of Vitamin A and B, which supports our health and is necessary for good eyesight, potassium in it helps to build muscles and break down carbs into energy.

It is very delicious in taste and easy to cook! You can cook it quickly and eat it with White Rice! Enjoy your meal!

Looking for a place to buy Daal Channa? So, you’re at right place. Khalis.pk is providing you free home delivery. Order and enjoy organic and healthy food just by sitting at your home!


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