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Brown sugar is pure white sugar. It can hold a shape like wet sand, and it is
brown. Many people refer to eating brown sugar as partially refined white
sugar with molasses is added to it.
It is a popular type of sugar which has a lot of health benefits and different
properties than regular white sugar. Brown sugar is very attractive to
people who want to balance their diet, get healthy and gain a lot of benefits
from it.
Options in Brown Sugar:
Brown sugar is perfect in taste and best as compared to white sugar. There
are different varieties and options in Brown Sugar.
Light Brown Sugar: This is a common type of brown sugar, used for
baking. Light brown sugar contains some percent molasses by weight,
more of sweetening dishes need light brown sugar.
Dark Brown Sugar: It is an extra rich flavour sugar, it tends to be on
primarily for different recipes like spice cakes, baked beans and other
dishes. It is approximately 6.5% molasses by weight.
Sugar in the Raw: It is a natural type of brown sugar which contains few
molasses left over from the refining process.
There are other types too as Turbinado, Muscovado and Demerara.
Apart from having a sweet taste, brown sugar is a significant source of
nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It contains carbohydrate, iron, calcium,
copper, vitamin B6, Potassium, Manganese, Vitamin B5, Selenium, Sodium
and Phosphorous; it is a bundle of benefits.
As sugar comes in two forms, brown sugar and white sugar. Brown sugar is
beneficial as compared to white sugar. Brown sugar is made with a natural
process, prepared from the juice of sugarcane. It is very popular around the
world. It has a lot of health benefits.
Brown sugar is good for health conscious people, as who is on a diet. It has
a lot of nutrients as compared to white sugar. So, it is better to have brown
sugar instead of white sugar.

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Benefits of Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar contains more moisture because of the molasses
present in it; it enables us to make a lot of delicious foodstuffs that
even give moister products.
It has been the best in texture and taste. It is always the best choice
to add it to most of the dishes.
As brown sugar resembles to wet sand, it removes dead skin cells
and closes the pores from our body. You can call it a skin shiner, as
well, it is used a lot as a skin treatment, skin moisturiser and it
contains Vitamin B that protects our skin from different effects. It is
essential for us to use Brown sugar, not white sugar.
Brown sugar has a lot of energy in it; it is also an energy booster,
gives you strength. It has a lot of benefits as compared to white
sugar; it is made naturally while white sugar processes different
chemical things.
Brown sugar is utterly free from chemicals, and it also prevents you
from obesity while white sugar is itself a chemical made, it can’t
prevent it. If you have white sugar a lot, it can increase your cancer
chances too.
So, it’s better to use brown sugar rather than using white sugar in
excessive quantity.
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