About Us


Khalis.pk is a largest online store of organics and natural products. It has been the trusted organic brand in Pakistan. It is a Corporate Registered Company in Pakistan. It has been recognized by Pakistan Food Authority, registered (0116459) by Security Exchange Commissioner of Pakistan. We have a wide variety of organic, natural food in Lahore.

Khalis.pk ensures to provide high-quality food products that you can trust, we aim to deal perfectly and honestly with our customers, giving the best information and beneficial effects about our products to build your trust in us. Our motive is to provide our customer with a healthy lifestyle along with healthy food. It is better eating organic and natural products rather than eating the market packet stuffed products. They are added up to different chemicals and costs expensive, at times. We have brought you a platform where you can buy different healthy and organic products for your food.

Our Aim

We believe in providing products with natural processed as an alternative to chemical products which are very health risking.

We want to educate people to “eat natural”, and provide knowledge that how to choose a natural product rather than going over a chemical one.

Khalis.pk conducts their business ethically by providing the best products to their customers, sourcing natural process and providing free delivery all over the Lahore. We want to aware people who are not knowing the disadvantages of eating chemical and market foodstuff, we believe in saying NO to chemicals, artificial additives and other material to make it taste good. We have put our big heart and soul into researching every product, and you can be confident that you are buying the best and purest organic product.

We wish to provide a healthy living in our all community and provide the perfect products to people for getting nutritious and health by what they eat.

What made us bring you a platform “Khalis.pk”?

Khalis.pk wants to see the society healthy; it feels heartbroken when we look at our country buying and eating food that are full of pesticides, chemical fertilisers and full of additives. We were very much disappointed at the lack of availability of such natural products in Lahore. It made us bring an online organic store where our customers could buy the best and healthy food products.

We are constantly inspired to offer a wide range of natural organic products that meet all the standards through Khalis.pk; we want to build a healthier world for our future generations to live in.

Eat Natural and Go Natural, you can order just by clicking on our website. Enjoy the free delivery with the natural product!